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As the title above,I Need a free and lightweight tool to transform simple C# code to C++ code. Any suggestion?
[no name] 18-Sep-12 9:22am    
I would suggest that you just translate it yourself.
fjdiewornncalwe 18-Sep-12 9:26am    
I agree with Wes. any conversion of code form C# into C++ would be pretty intensive and I would be very, very surprised if there were a tool that would effectively automate this process.
Joan M 19-Sep-12 3:06am    
You should do it by yourself.

I doubt you are going to find such a product.
First of all I doubt the tool would really work (however they[^] claim it works, you may try the demo).
Then, I suppose, it won't be not lightweight nor free.
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Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 18-Sep-12 9:59am    
I agree. The whole idea of such translation does not make strict sense because there are no well-defined correspondence between the platforms. Whatever exists could work or be somewhat useful, but nothing can convince me it can always give correct results, just because what is "correct"? -- it depends case to case. My 5.
CPallini 18-Sep-12 15:45pm    
Thank you.
I don't think such a tool exists, but if I needed to do this I would post it as a job on Someone in a third-world country with a university degree would be thrilled to do it for one or two dollars an hour.
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ANTLR C# grammar[^]

This project will generate a C# 4.0 parser using ANTLR v3.2. Then you can add your own logic to do what you want.

Best regards
Espen Harlinn
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CPallini 18-Sep-12 9:29am    
Yes just a matter of generating C++ actions from C# semantic...
Espen Harlinn 18-Sep-12 9:34am    
OP mentions that his code is simple, so I hope it does not involve any linq. In addition it's possible to call virtual functions overridden in derived classes from constructors/finalizers in .Net - and as we all know that's not how it works in C++.

Still, automating 80% of the work may be worth a bit of effort.
CPallini 18-Sep-12 15:46pm    
It would be worth the effort if the OP could sell his translator. :-)
Espen Harlinn 18-Sep-12 15:52pm    
I've used the antlr java grammar to imperfectly translate java into C++ implementing just what I needed at the time - this worked well enough even if it was far from a commercial grade tool ...
CPallini 18-Sep-12 16:14pm    

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