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I have an online Mysql Server on a Cloud Server Host and an application software written in VB-VS2008.. The problem is i cant access the MySQL database on the webhost because the access is disabled.

Someone told me that it would be posible to access the mysql database using WSDL but i cant seem to learn how to create a WSDL.. I've scanned through different WSDL tutorials but i cant understand it..

Can i have some of your simple program, with WSDL file and a little program that is showing how they are integrated..

Any help would be greatly appreciated..
Kuthuparakkal 26-Sep-12 22:12pm    
You need to create WSDL and consume it in your app. There's nothing called WSDL up in air to catch your mysql data as is. WSDL is nothing but WebService Description Language and you can create Proxy objects for any webservice.
chuan0308 26-Sep-12 22:14pm    
Thanks for the reply.. Do you have sample WSDL file?

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