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Hi all ,
I have some code which does some conversion on an image , for it it uses LockBits and does some processing and then calls unlockbits , the problem while the code does perform good on Win Xp but sometimes on Windows 7 the code throws memory access violation occurs exception...
Can you ppl come up with some sort of suggestion what could possibly be wrong on win 7 .
Mohibur Rashid 3-Oct-12 0:55am    
Perhaps debugging on Windows 7 environment. It is possible that some function is not working as it was suppose to work.
iampradeepsharma 3-Oct-12 1:00am    
Marius Bancila 3-Oct-12 2:47am    
First, you should figure which function throws that exception.
iampradeepsharma 3-Oct-12 2:56am    
LockBits() , this function throws the exception .
Marius Bancila 3-Oct-12 3:05am    
There can be different causes for this. Impossible to say anything without seen your code. Take a look at a search results for "LockBits memory access violation", you'll see others had problems. Take a look at the suggestions and double check your code.

1 solution

The problem can be completely at a different (and sometimes unrelated) chunk of code in your program. E.g. you have a buffer overrun somewhere in the program that sometimes corrupts the memory reserved for unlockbits
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