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As a professional, Which should be better to use
statement in stored procedure or Lock Hints in particular query..



                                     FROM   #Targetlist AS T    
                                            INNER JOIN new.CompanyIndex AS CI2 WITH (NOLOCK) ON [T].[CompanyID] = CI2.CompanyID    
                                     WHERE  [CriteriaID] = @CriteriaID    
                                            AND ( @includeNonMain = 1    
                                                  OR isMain = 1    
                                            AND [SegmentNo] = @SegmentNo    
                                   ) AS CI ON UD.[CompanyID] = CI.CompanyID    
                WHERE   UD.[LocalIdentifierID] = @LocalIdentifierID    
                        AND [UD].[IsActive] = 1    
                ORDER BY UD.[CompanyID] 
Updated 16-Oct-12 23:28pm
Corporal Agarn 17-Oct-12 11:32am    
Remember they are similar but not the same. We had used SET TRANSACTION but it caused some problems (sorry do not remember - something to do with persistent connections) and now use the NOLOCK hint. I am no expert thus the comment instead of a solution.

I'd say use the hints. Imagine if the stored procedure is being called by a program that is using a global transaction object used across the program by several threads (I am not saying that it is a right or wrong way to do, I just saw it happen). The isolation level set in your stored procedure can affect a statement at the other thread.

Also, if your stored procedure calls RAISERROR you may forget to re-set the isolation level back.

I think, as a good practice, you should set the isolation level once on the transaction initialisation for each transaction used in your program
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I agreed Andrew Cherednik. just i want to confirm so i posted the question.
Actually where i am working is a large transaction traffic and by using isolation level, sometimes u get data with dirty reads or penthoms. But as far locks are safe.
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