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Below code is to update a value of one row in MS-ACCESS db.
If i use the same code(sqldb) to update sql table , keeping break point on '.commit' then no other connection(user) can read or update the same row (a = 1), but can update other rows of same table

But for ms-access, keeping break point on '.commit', the entire table is locked for update(err:"could not update; currently locked") !?

Is there a way to lock single row using "oledb" ?

thank u.

Dim sConn As OleDbConnection
        sConn = New OleDbConnection("Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=\\Pc99\d\db\Accounts.mdb;")

        Dim sTransaction As OleDbTransaction
        Dim OleCmd As OleDbCommand 
            OleCmd = New OleDbCommand("update tableA set b = b + 1 where a = 1", sConn)

            sTransaction = sConn.BeginTransaction()

            OleCmd.Transaction = sTransaction

            call OleCmd.ExecuteNonQuery()
	    sTransaction.Commit() 'commit transation

        Catch ex As Exception
            sTransaction.Rollback() 'rollback transaction
        End Try
Amir Mahfoozi 16-Dec-12 2:18am    
Maybe calling the BeginTransaction with specifying the transaction level solve your problem : so try to call it by this way : BeginTransaction(IsolationLevel.ReadUncommitted).
Good Luck.
srikrishnathanthri 17-Dec-12 0:01am    
same problem with readUncommitted.

1 solution

NO! MS Access is not a multi user database, it says so right there in the documentation, therefore it has PAGE locking. Thats right it grabs a whole chunk of records at the end of the table and lock the lot because there should only be 1 user so it does not give a rats.

This problem is so old it probably predates some of the developers here on CP, live with it or move on the a proper database (SQL Server).
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