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The pseudocode for the problem is:
*Get the inital balance from the user;
*Enter a loop structure
*display a menu
*read the menu choice from the user
*based on the choice (switch or if then else structure)
*execute the code to withdraw, deposit, or write a check, or quit, *based on the choice above
*end loop
My program:

#include <iostream>
#include <iomanip>
#include <cstdlib>
using namespace std;
//My name
//Lab XX XX
//December X, XXXX
//Write a program to help balance your money market checking account .
int main()
//User must enter the months opening account balance.
int account_balance = 0;                 

cout << "Enter months account balance:" ;
cin >> account_balance;    //need a semi colon at the end of each programming statement

//Program should display a menu to list following choices.
int following_choices ;
cout << "Enter following choices menu:" ;
double following_choices;  
cout << setprecision (2) << setiosflags (ios::fixed) << setiosflags (ios::showpoint);
cout << "Enter the account balance:';
cin  >> "acount_balance;
cout << endl;
cout << "Enter the account balance according to the following" <<endl<<endl;
cout << "Deposit, enter D" << endl;
cout << "Check, enter C" <<endl;
cout << "Withdrawl enter W" <<endl;
cout << "Quit enter Q" << endl << endl;
cout << "Please make your selection.";
cin.get(); //Discard the \n
account_balance = cin.get();
switch (account_balance)
case 'D':
case 'd':
    account_deposit = ACCOUNT DEPOSIT;
        break;            //in this branch of the switch, you would ask the user for the amount deposted.
                            // you would then add it to your account balance variable.
case 'C':
case 'c':
    account_check = ACCOUNT CHECK;
case 'W':
case 'w':
    account_withdrawl = ACCOUNT WITHDRAWL
case 'Q':
case 'q':
    account_quit = ACCOUNT QUIT
    cout << endl << endl << invalid account balance! "<<endl;
        exit (1);

it's not finish but the complier says: undeclared identifier after the cases,; starting with C and so forth.
It starts with "account _check"...:confused:
Updated 18-Dec-09 17:25pm

The compiler is right, of course: the following identifiers are not declared (as required by the programming language):

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cout << "Enter the account balance:';
cin >> "acount_balance;

That should have been:
cout << "Enter the account balance:";
cin  >> acount_balance;

cin.get(); //Discard the \n
account_balance = cin.get();

Instead, you could do this:
cout<<"Please make your selection"<<endl;

account_check = ACCOUNT CHECK;

account_deposit = ACCOUNT DEPOSIT;

What is ACCOUNT CHECK, ACCOUNT DEPOSIT, etc., defined as?! What are you trying to accomplish by assigning this value to some variable? This doesn't make any sense.

cout << endl << endl << invalid account balance! "<<endl;< blockquote="">

And that should be:
cout << endl << endl << "invalid account balance! "<<endl;

If you need to provide clarifications to my query or provide more information, use the message board at the bottom of this page (click on "New Message").
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