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i have a method that solves the sum between two numbers but if the first number is greater than the second it wont display anything but if i add an if statement i get an error for the method saying unreachable code

public int sum(int sum1,int sum2)

int sum0;

return sum0;


It's not in this method. Please check up, using the debugger. Catch all exceptions in this thread and see what happens; it should give you exact location.

And the body of your method should be just one line:
return (sum1 + sum2) * (sum1 - sum2 + 1) / 2;

Of course, what you write is not a mistake, but looks weird…

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try this.

public static int sum(int sum1,int sum2)

	int sum  = sum1 > sum2 ? (sum1+sum2)*(sum1-sum2+1)/2 : (sum1+sum2)*(sum2-sum1+1)/2;
	return sum;

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diego14567 9-Nov-12 14:41pm    
thanks i was able to find another solution for it myself shortly after posting this :)
deepak.m.shrma 12-Nov-12 0:36am    
no prob buddy :-) is this what you exactly needed or you have done something else...

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