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With release dll(x.dll)app comes up fine. when debug dll(xD.dll), it requires depencency of another dll which of both release dll(a.dll) and debug dll (aD.dll).
when i saw debug dll(xD.dll) through depency walker it shows dependency included as a.dll, actually it should include aD.dll.

How can i change the code to include aD.dll instaed of a.dll in my debug dll(xD.dll)?

please do suggest /help me out?

You must be referring to a third party API which has given only the release mode DLLs. Check if that vendor provides debug run-time or debug version DLLs too.

I encountered a similar issue while building directX application in debug mode. My problem got solved by installing the debug run-time on the system. Perhaps you need to find the debug mode dlls/run-time for whatever dlls the problem is occurring.
ya ... i av debug version dll too..
the main dll is debug dll which is referring to release dependency dll. when i place release dependency dll to the path ..its works correct.
but i don want that solution, i want release dependency dll to be taken automatically instead.!!!!
Richard MacCutchan 13-Dec-12 5:49am
Please don't post additional information as a solution. Edit your question and add it there.
Check which library you are including in your build for the Debug version of your DLL. You need to make explicit reference to the debug version of the DLL you will use.
[no name] 13-Dec-12 5:33am
i checked in settings->project depencies ... it is correct i included debug version ...there addtion dependcies... i checked there also its correct!!!
Richard MacCutchan 13-Dec-12 5:47am
What exactly do you have in that field.

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