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I am searching for a ready made Forum software, which will create a Forum cross platform application.The outcome of application should be Android and iOS Forum application.

What I have tried:

I just came with the idea, not yet tried anything yet.
Updated 30-Oct-23 8:10am

Oh the irony that this is the wrong forum to ask that question.
See Item 2 of the Posting Guidelines
Have you searched or Googled for a solution?
E.g. Google[^] search for your specific question.

Interestingly, your cross-post[^] at another site also comes up in that search

Your question is too broad, but have a look at things like Xamarin and ReactJS, both of which let you build a platform independent mobile app, and then deploy on both Android and iOS (and, in the case of Xamarin, also to Windows phones). – Tim Biegeleisen 26 mins ago
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Maciej Los 20-Aug-19 2:31am    
It's called a browser.

It's a forum. Which means it's online, as a single person forum is going to be ... um ... rather quiet.

So use a browser, and look for a website based forum - there are loads of them out there if you can't write your own.
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Maciej Los 20-Aug-19 2:31am    

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