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How to organize contents of a table to be displayed in multiple pages? Consider you have a table with 100 rows and you want to view 10 rows at a time (Like the way that several Email messages are organized in pages). Do we have a special data structure for this? And how can I add filters to manage it better?
Updated 3-Jan-13 7:21am

The most used way to display data in tabular format from a database in WebMatrix is the WebGrid helper.
It offers a wide variety of options for sorting and paging the rows displayed and supports asynchronously updating the grid content using AJAX.
For a complete class reference look at WebGrid Class[^].
Maybe, the best place for in-depth WebGrid tutorials is the Mike Brind's site[^].
Start with Looking At The WebMatrix WebGrid[^] and then search for more advanced articles.
cs101000 5-Jan-13 10:37am
Thanks! It was really helpful.
It looks like what you really need is proper layout CSS styles and, no wonder… proper paging.

There is a number of CodeProject article on this topic which can help you. Please see:
Paging of Large Resultsets in ASP.NET[^],
ASP.NET Pagination[^].

Actually, there a a lot more to look at:[^].

Assuming you don't have too many columns, CSS styles can ensure you use all available page width and effectively arrange columns, while paging will be responsible for vertical dimension and control navigation by ranges of rows.

Good luck,

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