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hey guys !
i need your help , i have 2 tasks to do related to an student managemnt web application system in 3.5 with MS SQL SERVER 2005

TASK #1 :
admin can generate reports about : student finance details, student approaching payment last date
, student payment due and student master details.

TASK # 2 :
invoice can be printed once the student pays for fee . all invoices should be saved in the database
for future reporting and record.

I need hints and some usefull articles from which i can learn how can i do these , i m not getting the technique and logic to these tasks.
Updated 4-Jan-13 11:27am
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 4-Jan-13 16:34pm    
Not a question, really. Unless you do some initial effort and tell us where did you stuck, we cannot get efficient help.
This is a Questions & Answers forum, not tutoring or something. Sorry.

1 solution

You write the SQL to get the data and decide for yourself how to display and interact with it. These tasks are trivial, you won't find specific articles you can copy and paste. You'll need to try writing actual code on your own
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Adam R Harris 4-Jan-13 17:42pm    
What do you mean no articles he can just copy and paste .... you mean there really isn't a Do Work function i can call that will do all this for him? Man i'm in the wrong profession.
Christian Graus 4-Jan-13 17:59pm    

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