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I am using Active=0 to save the record this error will occurred "Cannot convert type int to bool".
the database active is using bit datatype..
please give me the solution

Thanks& Regrds
G Ravinder Reddy.
_Amy 8-Jan-13 5:22am
Change the Tag as SQL Server, if your question deals with SQL.

If you want 0 instaed of False the you have to modify your select query like

Select case(Active) 
            When 'False' Then 0
            When 'True' Then 1 End as Active
From YourTableName

if help full then accept the solution
_Amy 8-Jan-13 4:22am
Voted 3. Reason, Tag is
I suspect that you're getting an error in your code, not from the database. In the DB, what you've done is fine, I use 1 and 0 for bits all the time. You can try using 'false' and see what happens, or post your code if you want us to fix it.
if your datatype is bit then in frontend you should use datatype as bool and value will be assigned like Active=false or Active = true instead of Active=0.
Gujula Ravindra Reddy 8-Jan-13 4:03am
Now i am using same but i want active =0 what is the solution...?
Yugal Pandya 8-Jan-13 4:18am
declare @Active bit
set @Active = 0
select @Active

from UI if you are passing true and false or 0 or 1 it doesn't matter but it's datatype must bool in UI, rest system will take care of bool datatype with bit datatype of database.
I am totally agree with Christian Graus.
Here you can try with this alternative.
bool YourBooleanVariable = Active == 0 ? false : true;

Here we can check the variable Active and if it is 0 then make your variable(working) as false/true as per needed.

This is Ternary Operator[^].


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