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I am trying to code an application for a Raspberry Pi 3 using Visual Studio 2019. In my application, i would like to use some feature from the boost library.

But when i build the application, i get this annoying error message, and have no idear about what i am doing wrong.
error : boost\program_options.hpp: No such file or directory
error : #include "boost\program_options.hpp"
error : ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
error : compilation terminated.

I have downloaded v1.7.0 from the website and installed it on the Pi, using this commands:
cd /usr/

sudo tar --bzip2 --xf <path to archive>.tar.bz2

sudo ./

sudo ./b2 install

What I have tried:

My configuration in visual studio looks like this.
<C/c++> --> <General>--><Additional Include Directories>-->/usr/include
Updated 20-Oct-19 10:49am

By default boost is installed in /usr/local/include (and /usr/local/lib), see for instance, this page: c++ - what is the default location for boost library when installed using macport on mac ? - Stack Overflow[^].
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Member 14125253 18-Oct-19 4:28am    
Hi CPallini,

I have the followering configurations for my project.
"C/C++" --> "General" --> "Additional Include Directories" --> /usr/local/include
"Linker" --> "General" --> Additional Library Directories" --> /usr/local/lib

But still gets the same error.
It looks to me like Intellisense dosen't download all the need files and directories, if i look in the folder on my local computer, /usr/local/lib is missing.
Found the problem, i used backslash in the include, it has to be a forward slash
#include <boost/program_options.hpp>
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