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I have a video processing program that I have built on EMGUCV and C# using Visual Studio and an Intel i86 desktop environment. This has been made to work in an Ubuntu 1404 environment with Intel i86 processors, using Mono. 
Now, the new challenge is that this has to be ported to the Raspberry Pi. 
On the Pi, I tried Exagear with Ubuntu 1404 - then Mono, the build runs, but it does not function completely. 
The route followed by me is thus:
•	1.sudo apt-get install git
2.git clone git:// emgucv emgucv
4.git checkout 2.4.9
5.git submodule update --init --recursive
6.sudo apt-get install build-essential monodevelop mono-mcs libtiff5-dev libgeotiff-dev libgtk2.0-dev libgstreamer0.10-dev libavcodec-dev libswscale-dev libavformat-dev libopenexr-dev libjasper-dev libdc1394-22-dev libv4l-dev libqt4-opengl-dev libeigen3-dev libtbb-dev cmake-curses-gui git
8.make bin
11.	Install, using Synaptic Package manager, remaining GSTREAMER packages.
12.	Install Exagear.
13.	Install Ubuntu 1404 LTS on Exagear on the Raspberry Pi.
14.	Install Mono, Run the build using Mono.
Result is that the GUI opens up, but the program does not respond so as to be functional. The program has to process video. The same code build works on Ubuntu 1404 (i86 Intel).
Debugging directly on the Pi, using Monodevelop - have tried a lot but many dependencies are not being fulfilled. Many errors arise there, which are tough to debug.
Windows IOT on the Pi, is NOT AN OPTION. 
Since Visual studio and Monodevelop (Xamarin studio) are available on Windows, I was thinking of trying this route for debugging - 
Debugging the code and making the Footfall build with VS on Windows -> debug with Mono on Windows -> debug on Mono on Ubuntu-> debug the resultant code on Monodevelop on Odroid XU4 (ARM processor) -> Finally, debug and compile on Mono on Raspberry Pi Raspbian (ARM)
The above path is logical since we are taking one step at a time a. We are either changing the IDE OR b. The architecture - from i86 to ARM7 OR c. The environment - from Windows to Ubuntu to Raspbian.
What is the recommendation? 

What I have tried:

Given above.

Note that 1. We have enough code made on C#, that making it ab initio in C/C++ will take a lot of time and effort and money. Running C# into the Raspberry Pi with EMGUCV is our best option.
Updated 21-Jun-17 0:01am

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