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Hi everyone , I need some help. I´m new on this topic with the raspberry pi and need to know if there is a language similar to arduino´s C language.
If it exists, i would also need help to integrate the bluetooth in this language and the raspberry pi. Tnks.

What I have tried:

im pretty new on this so I do not know what to do.
Updated 5-Apr-16 17:52pm

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Yes, of course, and a lot, a lot more. Actually, it depends on OS. For example, with Linux, you can use full scale of Linux development tools and languages. Just look at this: Raspberry Pi — Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[^].

Don't you think you are asking too little? :-)

For Raspberry Pi, wonderfully available tools are readily available. A number of CodeProject members already asked questions on pretty sophisticated C# development interfacing hardware in efficient way, which comes with Raspberry-specific library. (I even helped one of them.) As you can see, Raspberry Pi Foundation promotes Python as the main language, also very powerful tool convenient for a developer; Java is available, and so on…

Alessandro Obregon 6-Apr-16 0:43am
well indeed you are right, I din´t know very well how express my question.

I'll tell you more in depth about my project.
built a robot ( a car) from scratch with an integrated circuit on a breadboard,
this has to walk forward and back and turn from right to left. so, this works with the raspberry pi, already programmed and working properly. Now it comes what I could not do and it is integrate the bluetooth and do code to control it from the phone with an application.
And this is my problem, I dont kwon how to do it in the language of C.

But I 'm pretty greatful with your help. and the link you post its really helpful. Greetings.
You are welcome. Unfortunately, I did not do any of that stuff, but it looks like possible.

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