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I have opened multiple browser windows in google chrome. I want to find all the tab details in the current window browser. ie., no tab details from another browser.

So in my chrome extension, I am getting all the tab details in multiple browser windows.

When I tried, I got the extension window details (ie., popup.html)

Also, I am using for displaying my extension (popup.html). So how I can get details of all tabs in the current browser when I clicked the extension?

Can anyone help me.?

What I have tried:

To find all tab details : -{ populate: true }, function (windows) {
    for (var i = 0; i < windows.length; ++i) {
        var w = windows[i];
        for (var j = 0; j < w.tabs.length; ++j) {
            var t = w.tabs[j];
            if (isValidTab(t)) {

    sendResponse({ tabs: tabs });

I tried :

chrome.tabs.query({ currentWindow: true }, function (tabs) {
    tabs.forEach(function (tab) {
        console.log('Tab ID: ',;
Updated 25-Apr-22 9:56am
Mehul M Thakkar 6-Dec-19 3:43am    
What was the problem? here you will examples of getting tabs

You could try[^] method and see whether it fits your needs.
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Hi. It seems as though you are looking for the tab that the extension is loaded in. Would you not be already there?

I myself would like to undertake iterating through all tams in all chrome windows to make sure that I'm at the correct one.
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Dave Kreskowiak 25-Apr-22 16:06pm    
I seriously doubt you're going to get a response from the OP over two after the question was asked.

You posted your question as a solution to this question. DON'T.

Open your own question by going to the "Quick answers" menu and click "Ask a question".

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