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how can i write a loop to change the multiple button's background color in a single click event.
lets say i have 20 buttons in my program , if i click on one button it should change the background color of all 20 buttons . i dont want to write 20 lines. i did try this in a loop with Button(i) but the getting error "Button is class type and cannot be used as an expression" i am using visual studio 2019. any suggestion!!!!!

What I have tried:

loop with Button(i) as well as btn as string="Button" & (i)
Updated 25-Feb-20 20:17pm

1 solution

You can put the 20 buttons in a list.
On click: iterate the list and change the colour.
public class TheForm : Form
   private List<Button> _theList = new List<Button>();

   public TheForm()

   private void PopulateList()
      _theList.AddRange(new Button[] {
         button01, button02, button03, button04, button05,
         button06, button07, button08, button09, button10,
         button11, button12, button13, button14, button15,
         button16, button17, button18, button19, button20

   private void TheButton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
      foreach (Button button in _theList)
         button.BackColor = /* the colour */;
button01 to button20 are the Names of button instances on your form.
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m-sk43 27-Feb-20 11:23am    
Thanks Phil, much appreciated

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