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I installed my site on an IIS8, I got "
No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it
the server is old, it had a lot of rules installed on it, also there was a MS Exchange installed on IIS, I tried to remove the server Rules, removed and re-installed IIS. Now I'm getting "
HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable on IIS

I have tried everything on the internet, but not solving the issue. any solution for this. BTW, I don't care about the Exchange server or the server Rules, if I can reset IIS and/or all server Rules as the appear when first installing windows server, this will be OK

my mistake, the error is "...refused it" not "...refused it". sorry

What I have tried:

I have tried many solutions on the internet. such as adding some code on applicationHost.config, and else.

After checking the logs, I'm seeing
Warning :
Service MSExchangeSubmission.  An exception has been thrown: Microsoft.Exchange.Assistants.TransientMailboxException
   at Microsoft.Exchange.Assistants.Util.TraceAndThrow(Action function, AIException aiException, String nonLocalizedAssistantName)
   at Microsoft.Exchange.Assistants.Util.CatchMeIfYouCan(Boolean translateToPermanentException, Action function, String nonLocalizedAssistantName, ISet`1 permanentExceptions)
   at Microsoft.Exchange.Assistants.Base.CatchMeIfYouCan(Boolean translateToPermanentException, Action function, String nonLocalizedAssistantName, ISet`1 permanentExceptions)

and also an error
The Module DLL C:\Windows\System32\RpcProxy\RpcProxy.dll failed to load.
Updated 9-Mar-20 23:06pm
phil.o 9-Mar-20 13:13pm    
It seems Exchange has not been uninstalled properly. What can you see in IIS management console? Are there some leftovers from Exchange? And in services' console?

1 solution

Uninstall IIS and the Windows Process Activation Service.

Then delete or rename the folders C:\inetpub and C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv (if they still exist).

You can then reinstall IIS, and the configuration should be reset to the default.

How to perform a clean reinstallation of IIS | Microsoft Docs[^]
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Maciej Los 10-Mar-20 2:57am    
ADEL AL-TAEY 10-Mar-20 3:39am    
"HTTP error 503" is gone now. Now, I am back to the original error
"No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it"
Hope you still help me with it. Grateful for your help
Richard Deeming 10-Mar-20 6:09am    
You're trying to connect on port 25 (SMTP) instead of port 80 (HTTP) or 443 (HTTPS).

What are you trying to do when the error occurs?
ADEL AL-TAEY 10-Mar-20 6:40am    
sorry, the error "...refused it" not "25".
and I'm browsing for "localhost:8050"
Richard Deeming 10-Mar-20 6:42am    
Neither of those look like standard ports for IIS. Have you changed the bindings on the site? Or are you trying to use IIS Express instead?

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