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I have developed around 35 excel spreadsheets, and I want to transfer them to C++ or Python or another language, just to make them more professionals, I am willing to sell this app/software to companies. Usually, companies do not prefer excel coding

My questions

1) is it easy to transfer excel sheet to another programming language

2) if I deploy a freelancer to transfer these excel sheets, how much does it cost roughly? ( as a role of thumb)? something less than 10 k USD or much higher

What I have tried:

nothing yet, because i dont have enough experience in other programming langauge
Updated 21-Jun-22 7:54am
KarstenK 12-May-20 13:32pm    
I am not in that business but freelancers salary is calculated via the needed working hours. So it depends where you can ask and place such contract.

The question does not really make sense. And thousands of companies are quite happy to use Excel for lots of different issues. It is unlikely they would want to convert to a piece of relatively untried software.

If you want to employ someone to create this for you then go to somewhere like[^] and ask people to quote.
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1) is it easy to transfer excel sheet to another programming language?

This question cannot be answered without detailed information about what the Excel sheets are supposed to do. If you want the same functionality as Excel, it is better to use Excel directly.
Are height and width limited? Limitations would be e.g. if a page has a fixed size or if the user should be able to extend the table himself. How many elements does a page contain? How many elements are input elements and how many elements are calculated or filled in automatically? Also the question whether the table should be printable would not be unimportant.
In short, as a preliminary work, it will be necessary in any case to describe the scope of work in great detail.
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