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Hello everyone :)
so let me tell you something about me related to my question....

first let's say that I am over 50 ;P so be patient with me :) I was old school coder, LM, Pascal and then Basic (almost any version of it) lucky me I was hired in a big company and I did stuck for almost 20 years programming in MS Access.
Using that platform I can do almost anything, or at least anything that is related to database on premises.

Now i need to go back on the field, but where to start? I did look into Visual Studio, i also own the license, but the tool is confusing. I can't really get it. The time I will spend to learn how it works I will be without job.

I need to do a mobile app (ios and android) and a website for p2p car rental.
So where do I start? What do you suggest?

I did check the new Microsoft PowerApps but you can't use to build and publish a commercial app/website (can you?)

So what are my option nowadays? does it exist something that let me build easily a frontend web and mobile app without coding? or at least use vba?

I need something with a very fast (or none) learning curve, that can interface to my hosted MSSQL/MySQL database and look absolutely cool to the user.

...and naturally cheap !!!!

thanks to everyone

What I have tried:

Building an app in Microsoft Access and then convert to a mobile app
Updated 17-May-20 21:23pm
Maciej Los 18-May-20 3:38am
There's NO short path to write and develop multi-environment application. You need to spend some time to learn...

I am sorry to say this but if you find Visual Studio confusing then learning any of the frameworks and languages needed for your projects is going to be hard work. Creating websites with ASP.NET is probably the best choice, but it is quite a learning curve. You need good experience of C# or VB.NET, HTML, CSS and SQL for starters. Mobile apps you can either write native, i.e. Swift for iOS and Java for Android, or use Xamarin forms for cross platform support.

But whatever you decide, it is unlikely that you will be up and running in a week.

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