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I am developing a online business directory using with c# and Sql server as database.

There are two column one column for shop opening time and another column for shop closing time.

I would like to do programming to show whether the shop is the open or close as per current time. for getting current
date time I am using System.DateTime.Now.ToString()
Please help me.

What I have tried:

Updated 22-May-20 22:31pm

1 solution

Why are you converting the time to a string? You just need the actual time values so you can compare them.
DateTime openTime;
DateTime closeTime;
Bool shopOpen;
DateTime now = System.DateTime.Now;
if (now >= openTime && now < closeTime)
    shopOpen = true;
    shopOpen = false;
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[no name] 23-May-20 9:30am    
For this I prefer the short version: shopOpen= now >= openTime && now < closeTime;
Anyway a 5
Richard MacCutchan 23-May-20 9:57am    
Yes, so do I. However, most people who post here are not very experienced (this person is obviously a novice), so it is better to post the longer form which makes the sense clearer. And most modern compilers will optimise it to the form you suggest.

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