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We want to export SQL server table data into csv file to import into Redshift but for some of the columns export into csv is failing due to muli-lines, specail characters, comma in line and it's not creating proper csv file.Following is one of the column in my table, how i can add everything in single cell in cvs for such columns?

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What I have tried:

sqlcmd -S servername -E -Q "set nocount on; set ansi_warnings off; SELECT id,'""' + cast ([description] as nvarchar(max)) + '""' As description FROM [dbname].[schemanem].[tablename]" /o tags.tmp /s "," -W
Updated 28-Jun-20 21:13pm

1 solution

I think if you wish to use bcp to do this you create a 'format file' .. this may be of help Working with the bcp Command-line Utility - Simple Talk[^]

Else, as per the title of your question, there's XML, which is basically

bcp.exe "Select ... FOR XML AUTO" queryout [filename] -x 
with other options, maybe -S for the server, -T for trusted connection etc, as per Working with the bcp Command-line Utility - Simple Talk[^]
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Akash Sarpate 29-Jun-20 3:50am    
How to format multi-line data with special characters in single cell in cvs using BCP ?
Akash Sarpate 30-Jun-20 1:48am    
Any comment ?
Garth J Lancaster 30-Jun-20 2:14am    
ok.. there's plainly data that doesnt look good/work as CSV - so I'd be looking at
1) going directly from your SQL server to RedShift ie a Custom tool, bypassing the CSV issue altogether (or)
2) Cleaning up the data so it works as CSV (removing tabs, cr/lf etc) before it's stored in the SQL server table
3) 'maybe' storing the data as a blob in the SQL Server table, but that would still require (1) to upload it into Redshift

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