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hi.. i want to print 5 digit number in reverse order..

ex.. 49999,49998,49997, on

one more think number of print depend on user input
i.e if user input 3 then it display only 3 print as 49999,49998,49997

any idea?....thanks in advance...

What I have tried:

for(int i =50000; i >=printCopies; i--)
   reslt += i.ToString("00000") + System.Environment.NewLine;
Updated 14-Jul-20 23:12pm
Patrice T 14-Jul-20 16:41pm    
What is the problem with your code?
Sam_gaik 14-Jul-20 17:01pm    
It does not work as expected..
Patrice T 14-Jul-20 17:12pm    

Easiest way to understand is like this:
StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
for (int i = 0; i < userInputLimit; i++)
   sb.AppendLine((50000 - i).ToString());
string result = sb.ToString();
Using a StringBuilder is better than concatenating strings as it "expands" automatically instead of creating a new string every time you add a new bit to the old one.
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Sam_gaik 15-Jul-20 1:53am    
It works...thnks
OriginalGriff 15-Jul-20 2:04am    
You're welcome!
That looks to be on the right track.

My only question/recommendation from what you have shown is in regards to reslt :
It should NOT be a String variable, because it is immutable. If this is the case; you should be replacing it with a StringBuilder, which is designed for this.
StringBuilder sbResult = new StringBuilder();

for(int i =50000; i >=printCopies; i--)
	sbResult.AppendLine( i.ToString("00000") );

reslt = sbResult.ToString();
MS Docs: Strings - C# Programming Guide[^]
MS Docs: StringBuilder Class (System.Text)[^]
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Am I missing something here? Do you just want to print a line of comma separated decreasing values like this:

 int copies = 3;
 int initialValue = 5000;
 string separator = string.Empty;
 for (int i=0;i <copies;i++)
     Console.Write(initialValue - i);
     if (separator.Length==0) separator = ",";

If you want an IEnumerable so that you can use Linq to select the output. Try this

  IEnumerable <int > numbers = Enumerable.Range(initialValue-copies+1, copies).Reverse();
  IEnumerable <string > numberStrings = Enumerable.Range(initialValue , copies).Select((x,i) = > (x-(i*2)).ToString());
 //print  one number per line
           foreach (int num in numbers)
//use IEnumerable <string > to join the strings together to give a comma separated string value
            Console.WriteLine(string.Join(',', numberStrings));
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Sam_gaik 15-Jul-20 12:00pm    
Thanks for your suggestion... !

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