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I have an application(on Windows 10 Build Version 1703) which sets form(MDI Container type) Icon at runtime but the updated Icon didn't get displayed on Taskbar. It only get displayed once I pin and Unpin it. Any solution to this ? Could it be possible to load runtime Icon to taskbar without pin/unpin ? Can we refresh taskbar Icon programmatically so I can change in my application code.

Note: This only occur with installed application and not on Debug/release Dev environment.

What I have tried:

# Restarting Explorer.exe to refresh Taskbar Icon but it didn't work.
# Reconstruction Icon Cache (.db extension), it also didn't work
Updated 22-Jul-20 5:28am
Richard MacCutchan 22-Jul-20 4:03am    
For general applications the icon is loaded at program startup. How are you changing it, and what exactly are you changing?
Member 14895791 22-Jul-20 4:07am    
In Code,

form.Icon = new Icon("status.ico");

where form is MDIContainer.
Richard MacCutchan 22-Jul-20 4:33am    
I just tried that on a simple Windows Form application and it works fine.
Member 14895791 22-Jul-20 4:38am    
It is specifically occur when you have installed application and not on development environment.
Richard MacCutchan 22-Jul-20 4:50am    
I just ran the app stand-alone and it still works. BTW I am on Windows 10 v 1909, not sure if that makes any difference.

1 solution

Just set the MDI form's Icon property.
I created two icons, added them to my resources via the Property page ... Resources tab, "Add Resource", "Add existing files".
Then just set the main form Icon property (not a child form, the App icon on the taskbar comes from the form instance displayed by Application.Run in Program.cs only) from the two resources.

Works for me!
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