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I'm new to this stuff, In my project, I did logging for bot framework in .net core, Whenever a conversation happens between user and bot, a new folder will be created which consists of JSON files (which consists of all data related to that), I want to fetch that JSON in .net core or I want to get updated (maybe thru a pipeline) whenever a new JSON file is created(when the conversation happens).
and how can I access that JSON file which is in azure storage from .net core
Any ideas are welcome.

What I have tried:

I didn't understand how to get updated whenever a new JSON file will be created (when a new conversation happens between user and bot).
Updated 15-Oct-20 20:26pm
[no name] 12-Oct-20 13:34pm    
Start with a FileWatcher background process. Or queue something when a folder is created. There is no "quick answer".
Member 14962256 12-Oct-20 15:22pm    
Can it watch the file/directory which is in azure blob storage?
I think, it only watches a file or a directory in my system for changes and triggers events when changes occur. Please confirm.

1 solution

There are a couple of options.
Reacting to Azure Blob storage events | Microsoft Docs[^]

An Azure Logic App could also trigger and for example queue an event on a storage queue or event bus:
Connect to Azure Blob Storage - Azure Logic Apps | Microsoft Docs[^]

Or you could do polling yourself to look for new data.

There is a lot to balance (speed, cost, complexity) and unfortunately not a single "best solution for everything", so you need to dig in and find an acceptable solution for you.

Be careful when Microsoft states you only pay for what you use. As developer, this typically makes us think "I only pay if something happens", but in the Microsoft world, it might be a fixed monthly cost for just having the ability to run something - unfortunately I never found a fast way to tell the two apart without extensive reading.
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