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I want to check internet connection is available by code

What I have tried:

Public Function isInternetConnected(Optional pUrl As String = "") As Boolean

        Using client = New WebClient()
            Using stream = client.OpenRead(pUrl)
                Return True
            End Using
        End Using
        Return IsConnectedToInternet(pUrl)
    Catch ex As Exception
        Return IsConnectedToInternet(pUrl)

    End Try
End Function

This code sometimes returns false when internet connection is available.
Updated 23-Apr-23 11:24am
CHill60 27-Oct-20 7:09am    
You haven't shared the code that actually does the check - i.e. IsConnectedToInternet

1 solution

There's no 100% working solution for this, but you can try:

'reference to System.Net and System.Net.NetworkInformation is required!
Function IsInternetConnected() AS Boolean

	Return New Ping().Send("").Status = IPStatus.Success

ENd Function

It works correctly in most cases.
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