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Until a few months ago I was using Visual Basic in Visual Studio 2012.
Then changed to Visual Studio 2019...
When (eventually) I was able to load my VB programs there were a few
warnings. Sorted them out. Think my "Explicit ...) settings had been lost.
Now, although I have no errors or warnings I can't get a debugging run.
Get the message "There were build errors"!!
Was forced to change Dim Coefficients As New ArrayList to
ReadOnly Coefficients As New ArrayList
As this didn't help I reversed it.
Now I get 4 messages!
I hope you can understand this, I cant!

What I have tried:

Changed Dim Coefficients As New ArrayList to
ReadOnly Coefficients As New ArrayList
Examined "Settings" seemed OK.
Tried a "Debug" run on another program - OK
Updated 28-Dec-20 21:06pm
Dave Kreskowiak 28-Dec-20 18:56pm    
Impossible to say what's wrong.

This comes down to bugs in your code and we can't see your code because you've kept it secret, nor did you give the exact error messages you're getting.
The Other John Ingram 28-Dec-20 18:59pm    
What are the 4 errors you are getting and can you give us a listing of the code where the errors occur.

Patrice T 28-Dec-20 20:53pm    
And you plan to tell the error messages ?
Member 12066389 30-Dec-20 15:45pm    
Tried your solution and it worked!
Noticed that F10 & F11 are replaced by shift/F8 - How very intuitive!
Where is the new Tab to set things like Explicit etc ?
Will try other programs.
Thanks very much. Appreciated.

1 solution

If you are getting build errors then you need to look at the errors pane and see exactly what they were. Start with a "Clean Solution" (from the Build menu) which removes all output and intermediate files, then "Rebuild Solution" (again, the build menu). If you have multiple projects in your solution - and I normally have several - then this will force a rebuild of all of them, not just the current one. And a build error in one project will affect builds on the others because it doesn't produce a binary until the compilation is "clear" for that project.
So check your errors and warnings in the Error pane for each project and rebuild projects until they are all clear.

I'm pretty sure you weren't "forced" to change Dim to ReadOnly - those are style suggestions and they can be ignored (and sometimes should be because they then flip flop to recommending what you just had!).
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