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I have this code in VB Excel. This code, will run Photoshop and then automatically run the script which name is 'MyPSScript'.

CreateObject("Photoshop.Application").DoJavaScript ("D:/MyPSScript.js")

The problem is when the Photoshop starts, it does not come to top in windows. I mean it starts in background of Excel window. So I need to know how can I make Photoshop in front of other windows. Like for example making it as Always-on-Top via script, or simply select its window to be on top of others.

Note: Only Photoshop Script Please.

What I have tried:

I searched the net but no luck.
Updated 16-Jun-22 7:56am

How about asking this in the forums for Photoshop? You're going to find the most experience with the product over there.

Google Adobe Photoshop Forums[^]
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I found my answer from Stackoverflow.

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