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I'm working in VS 2019, C#. I've looked at other language platforms in the Studio.

Why are all the buttons and input tools "flat"? How can I get back that nice 3D look
like back in the old VB?


What I have tried:

tried several setting under option. Form properties, different languages, different platforms
Updated 10-Feb-21 9:35am

Maybe you can use Krypton Suite[^]
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Ravi Bhavnani 10-Feb-21 15:40pm    
Thanks for this, Rick! I remember old-school drooling over these years ago. :)

RickZeeland 10-Feb-21 15:47pm    
It sure seems to be popular according to the upvotes on Slant, haven't used it myself though as I like doing things the hard way and made my own custom controls :)
Ravi Bhavnani 10-Feb-21 17:12pm    
Ha ha, me too! :)

Because that's how the OS has evolved: the Aero look from Win7 was dropped a long time ago ... If you run your code on older OSes, the flat look will go "3D".
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Jeff_J 11-Feb-21 10:17am    
Well that just sucks. Thanks for the info!

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