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I need to save Unicode(Korean text) in my database column using entity framework with database first approach. but it save '???' question marks instead of unicode text. can someone suggest me the solution.

What I have tried:

I change database table column datatype varchar(100) to 'nvarchar(max)'. i also use add
[Column(TypeName = "nvarchar(500)")]
in modal property for that perticular column. but it is also not working.
Maciej Los 22-Mar-21 5:53am    
TCS54321 22-Mar-21 5:56am    
i also try this.. but it's not working.
alter table MyTable
alter column MyColumn nvarchar(max) COLLATE Korean_90_CI_AI
Maciej Los 22-Mar-21 6:11am    
Not a column! Entire database!
Richard Deeming 23-Mar-21 5:13am    
Collations shouldn't have any impact on storing data in an nvarchar column. :)
[no name] 22-Mar-21 13:25pm    
I would start by "reading" from a table that you have loaded with Korean text. You're making a lot of assumptions based on very little information. Maybe you're looking at it with the wrong font for that matter.

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