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Does someone know how to make it so that whatever image is clicked on, the modal data will show the correct data? My idea was to assign a value to the image component but I can't find anything helpful online. Thank you so so much in advance!

Here is an picture of the UI in the component and a picture of a modal:


What I have tried:

The entire shown code is within the loop:
for (let i in seriesList)

SeriesList stores some objects in another file. It works fine.

This is my image component:

<TouchableOpacity onPress={() => {setModalOpen(true)}}>     
<Image style={externalStyle.image} source={seriesList[i].uri}/>   

I'm trying to display different data in Modal depending on the image pressed. It is showing the same data for every image. When I refresh the app it shows different data, but still the same data for each image at each press.

<Modal visible={modalOpen} animationType='slide'>   
    <View style={{backgroundColor: '#B6A3B0', flex: 1}}> 
        <TouchableOpacity onPress={() => {setModalOpen(false)}}>        
            style={{ width: 50, height: 50, left: 20, bottom: -50}}         
            style={externalStyle.image, {bottom: -70, left: 105}} 
                    style={{ bottom: -90, color: 'black',fontFamily: 'MarkerFelt-Thin',fontSize: 25, textAlign: 'left'}}>
                Name:  {seriesList[i].name}
                style={{ bottom: -120, color: 'black',fontFamily: 'MarkerFelt-Thin', fontSize: 25, textAlign: 'left'}}> 
                Year:  {seriesList[i].year}
                <Text style={{ bottom: -150, color: 'black',fontSize: 25, textAlign: 'left', fontFamily: 'MarkerFelt-Thin'}}>
                Description:  {seriesList[i].description}

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