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Hello everybody
I wanted to develop a Modbus TCP / IP client application under C ++ Builder, which I need to communicate with the Modbus TCP / IP server that developed under Delphi,(is it possible ?)

Which free Modbus TCP / IP library that you can advise me to use in C ++ Builder? (EasyModbus, LibModbus PyModbus, QModbus, ProconX ) Knowing that I test C ++ Builder, before buying a licence.

thank you in advance

What I have tried:

(EasyModbus, LibModbus PyModbus, QModbus, ProconX )
Updated 7-Apr-21 5:31am
Richard MacCutchan 7-Apr-21 8:15am    
You need to test them for yourself, in order to decide which is the best for your needs.
DIV69 7-Apr-21 9:36am    
Knowing that I try the lib Easymodbus TCP / IP but I did not succeed in communicating with the Modbus TCP / IP server (Delphi)
Richard MacCutchan 7-Apr-21 9:49am    
You cannot expect anyone here to guess what is going on in your systems. If you have a programming problem then please provide proper details.
DIV69 7-Apr-21 10:53am    
My question is clear, if someone has already been working on a free Library Modbus TCP / IP under C ++ Builder, can be easymodbus tcp / ip is not made for C ++ Builder

1 solution

I have written several Modbus client libraries for TCP/IP and serial communications - they are virtually the same. Not a single one of them was written for the specific environment I used. You will need to find one and adapt it for your use. The internet has lots of them. A search at DDG gives a pretty good list : Modbus library at DuckDuckGo[^]. Any written for C++ should get you pretty close unless your compiler's libraries use some weird socket stuff so it should not be difficult.

BTW - a protocol is a protocol. The language the server is written in is completely irrelevant.
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