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For a personal DIY project, I want to make an app that measure water consumption and send the data to an API.

I have the Keyence FD-Q50C clamp on flowmeter that has a screen to display the data. The flowmeter can be connected to the IO Link Master module Keyence NQ-MP8L which has a M12 to Ethernet cable that can transmit the data. Keyence offers the NQ Sensor Monitor software to configure the NQ-MP8L, by linking the module to my PC with the Ethernet cable I managed to configure the IP of the module.

Now I would like to read the data on a microcontroller. On the NQ-MP8L datasheet, it is said that the module is compatible with different data sending protocol: Ethernet/IP, Modbus, Profinet.

What I have tried:

I first wanted to see the data format so I used Wireshark and I observed that I was receiving some CIP packets from the module (I don't have a pipe on which I can plug the flowmeter so I don't know if it would send some different data with a flow or if it send data even when the flow is null).

I have now some difficulties to understand how the data are transmitted and their format in order to read them on a microcontroller. I have a microntroller (W5500 EVB Pico) with an Etheret Port on which I can plug the NQ-MP8L but I am open to suggestions.

Here are the datasheets : (I also added the datasheet of the FD-Q50C just in case)

If someone has any idea of how I can do read those data I would be glad to hear it.
Updated 4-Aug-23 2:09am

1 solution

The good news is the manufacture provides plenty of documentation. The bad news is you have to study it (we cannot do that for you). In my experience, the MODBUS protocol is fairly simple to understand, you could start with it.
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