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A friend of mine has created an online service where we are able to share projects with others. We have had some who are abusing the service. Does anybody know what the best way is to use to ban a member. Yes, I know that its not really possible to completely ban someone, just wondering if there is a "best" way.

What I have tried:

He has already tried ip ban and device id ban. This only works so much.
Gerry Schmitz 28-Apr-21 15:43pm    
I've used OneDrive to "share". To "ban", one just removes the share (email); no ip or device id needed.
Andre Oosthuizen 29-Apr-21 12:48pm    
This should point you in the right direction -
clwprogrammer 29-Apr-21 17:11pm    
the problem here is that the user is using a VPN and virtual machines along with multiple email accounts. the user in question is being very negative in response to a temporary ban that they thought was unfair. IP has been banned, device id is banned l, yet they keep coming back. The owner has since added a cooldown to 3 messages per hour for free users, but this only helps so much.
David Crow 30-Apr-21 8:52am    
"We have had some who are abusing the service."

How did they get access to the service?
clwprogrammer 30-Apr-21 9:35am    
It is a service that can be signed up for via account registration.

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