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I am making an HTML5 game, which involves one audio being played multiple times at once.

I searched this issue up and found this:

It seemed to help, except later a question came up.

If I do cloneNode(), will it copy the sound AND the currently loaded audio data, or will it have to reload the data?

What I have tried:

Consulting the internet for more information
Updated 16-May-21 5:51am

1 solution

Go back to SO and ask the person who wrote it.
There is a "comment" forum at the bottom of every question and every answer for that purpose ...
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Coder2195Text 16-May-21 11:03am    
if you have an answer answer
if not don't even respond
Dave Kreskowiak 16-May-21 11:24am    
So telling you the best source of information about code you got off the web somewhere is to go ask the person who write it "isn't an answer?"

Ok sparky.
OriginalGriff 16-May-21 11:26am    
It doesn't work like that: if you want someone elses code fixed, you are much better off asking the person who wrote it as they will know a lot more about it than we will ...

And you ned to rethink how you come over - the tone of your comment is not likely to encourage people to help you at all ... Think before you post, please.

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