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can i create an html5 audio dynamically like this?

var audio = $('<audio>', {
                autoPlay : 'autoplay',
                controls : 'controls',
                src: 'audio/ding.mp3',
                src: 'audio/ding.ogg'

it worked on chrome and firefox but not on ie because i added secound src to audio!
how can i add multiple sources?
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 17-Oct-13 14:08pm    
What are you trying to achieve? What is "like this"? Is the audio tag already in your HTML DOM when you execute this part of script, or you create it in the script?
And, by the way, you cannot expect much from IE, it's the least standard browser. What version, by the way? IE10 is said to be better...
Moosavi S.M. 18-Oct-13 2:20am    
created in script not html, ie 10 and opera 12 doesn't play audio!
i want to define an audio with multiple sources(different audio formats) with jquery dynamically runtime!
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 18-Oct-13 9:51am    
Maybe I don't quite understand your script. I would write longer script, use jQuery Manipulation methods to create inner HTML inside some element... And what do you mean by "second src" (I see the two)? Do you mean that it works with one src on all browsers? If so, write all HTML manually, for the test, and test on IE.

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