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a)I want to connect to MongoDB b)Surround Mondodb with try-catch block c)catch exceptions.

I have to use git to get the latest branch.

I have assumed that the below command will run before MongoDB connection:
source /opt/home/
python script should have a shell wrapper of the same name that sources the script under /opt/home/

shell wrapper name: python script name: I have to use shell wrapper to run the script

coding env is jupyter lab, I don't know how to use it that's why I am asking this question here. Love to getting help

What I have tried:

I have used below code to connect with mongo:

from urllib.parse
import quote_plus
import os
import json from pymongo
import MongoClient
import SSL
def main():

environment = "Git" if os.environ.get('ENVIRONMENT_NAME') is None else os.environ.get('ENVIRONMENT_NAME')
config_directory = os.path.abspath(os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__)))
with open(os.path.join(config_directory, "report_config.json")) as f:
common_configuration = json.load(f)
#mongo_db = common_configuration['mongo_db_'+environment]
mongo_url, mongo_db_name= create_mongo_url_db()
#print("mongo_url:%s, mongo_db_name:%s" %(mongo_url,mongo_db_name))
# mongo_url = "mongodb://%s:%s@%s:%s" % (
# quote_plus(mongo_db['user_name']), quote_plus(mongo_db['password']),
# quote_plus(mongo_db['host']), quote_plus(mongo_db['port']))
#mongo_db_name= mongo_db['mongo_db_name']
collection_name= "workflow"
db = MongoClient(mongo_url, ssl=True, ssl_cert_reqs=ssl.CERT_NONE)

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