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I work on core 3.1 web api server side

and angular 7 client side

I work on page make upload to single file and it is ok working but when try to pass Number flag with file uploaded

I face issue I can't pass value of variable selectedOwnerLevel from angular 7 to web api

selectedOwnerLevel: number = 1;

suppose selectedOwnerLevel is have value 1

so How to pass value 1 to web api

on angular 7 client side

<pre>public uploadFile = (files,selectowner) => {  
  const formData = new FormData();  
  formData.append('file', this.fileToUpload,;  
 console.log(this.selectedOwnerLevel);  // it have here 5
 {'http://localhost:61265/api/DeliverySys/', formData,{ responseType: 'blob' })  
    .subscribe((response: Blob) => saveAs(response, + '.xlsx'));  

on html :

<div class="form-group">    
     <label for="file">Choose File</label>    
     <input type="file"    
            <button type="button" class="btn btn-success" (click)="uploadFile(files,this.selectedOwnerLevel)">Upload File</button>  

on server side web api

[HttpPost, DisableRequestSizeLimit]  
        public IActionResult Upload(int selectedOwnerLevel)  
                var DisplayFileName = Request.Form.Files[0];  
                string fileName = DisplayFileName.FileName.Replace(".xlsx", "-") + Guid.NewGuid().ToString() + ".xlsx";  
            catch (Exception ex)  
                return StatusCode(500, $"Internal server error: {ex}");  

when debug value of selectedOwnerLevel it display as 0

so please How to display as actual value 1 on angular 7 ?

when do consol.log (this.selectedOwnerLevel) it give me 1 on image below

but it display 0

so How to solve issue please ?

What I have tried:

formData.append("selectedOwner", this.selectedOwnerLevel);
Updated 27-May-21 21:28pm

1 solution

The only data you send to the server is the contents of the FormData object, and any data you pass in the querystring.

Your URL has no querystring. Your FormData object contains nothing but the file. Therefore, the server has nothing to bind the selectedOwnerLevel parameter to.

If you want to pass the value to the server, then you need to pass the value to the server.
formData.append('file', this.fileToUpload,;
formData.append('selectedOwnerLevel', this.selectedOwnerLevel);
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ahmed_sa 28-May-21 3:35am    
thank you for reply
i need to pass value of this.selectedOwnerLevel on angular 7
to web api variable selectedOwnerLevel

public IActionResult Upload(int selectedOwnerLevel)
this actually what i need
any information need i can tell you
on angular 7 i
make console.log(this.selectedOwnerLevel)
it give me 1
but on web api value of selectedOwnerLevel is 0
so How to solve this issue please help me
by any way i need to get value of this.selectedOwnerLevel on server web api
so How to do that
Richard Deeming 28-May-21 3:36am    
Did you even read my answer?!

You are NOT passing the variable from Angular to the server. There is nothing for the server to bind to.

Pass the value in the FormData collection, as I showed you.
ahmed_sa 28-May-21 9:28am    
thanks but i have two questions
first question how to get value on web api
meaning how to get value of this.selectedOwnerLevel on web api
second question how to add this this.selectedOwnerLevel on form data
i do as below
formData.append('selectedOwnerLevel', this.selectedOwnerLevel);
when make console.log(FormData)
it give me as below
formData.append('file', this.fileToUpload,;
when inspect it come as below
file [object File]
selectedOwnerLevel 1
so How to access value of selectedOwnerLevel
on web api
Richard Deeming 28-May-21 10:10am    
ahmed_sa 28-May-21 10:25am    
yes this is good
public IActionResult Upload([FromBody] int selectedOwnerLevel)

and after that how to access value of selectedOwnerLevel
meaning how to get value 1 from key selectedOwnerLevel

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