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So this is the popup that I'm referencing:

Everything is working completely fine except this one pop up which I can’t bypass.

Here is the code I'm using to connect to the url

public void execute(ProxyConnection proxy) {
		WebDriver driver = setupDriver(proxy);
        // Here I use test methods like shown

	public WebDriver setupDriver(ProxyConnection proxyConnection) {
		System.setProperty("", "MY PATH");

		String proxyadd = proxyConnection.getHostName() + ":" + proxyConnection.getPort();
		Proxy proxy = new Proxy();
		ChromeOptions options = new ChromeOptions();
		options.setCapability("proxy", proxy);
		if (!debugMode) {

		return new ChromeDriver(options);

I'm using ChromeDriver version: 91.0.4472

I'm using selenium-chrome-driver version: 3.8.0

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Still no answer to this. I even tried playing around with selenium and chrome versions but still no luck.

What I have tried:

Here is what I've tried to pass this:

https://{USERNAME}:{PASSWORD}@url - This still displays the same popup

driver.switchTo().alert().sendKeys(proxy.getUsername()); // Alert is never found.
driver.switchTo().activeElement().sendKeys(proxy.getUsername()); // Nothing happens
new Actions(driver).sendKeys(proxy.getUsername()).build().perform(); // Nothing is happening

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