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we implemented a win form app with net framework 4.5.1 running in systems that runs a web app using net framework 3.5, when we install the 4.5.1 version, some of web app parts doesn't work correctly in some of windows(all the windows versions is 7), is there any way to have 4.5.1 in portable mode or another way else?

What I have tried:

we installed win 7 service pack 1 and did not solve the problem
Updated 22-Jun-21 22:04pm
Maciej Los 23-Jun-21 3:40am    
I'd suggest to use the same version as web app. See: How to downgrade .net application framework version in visual studio?[^]

.NET Framework 3.5 and .NET Framework 4.x install side-by-side. Installing one will not alter the behaviour of applications written for the other.

If it's breaking a web application, then you need to double-check that the CLR version selected for the App Pool has not been changed.

Beyond that, we can't help you, since you haven't provided any details of the failing code nor the error(s).
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Maciej Los 23-Jun-21 4:04am    
Member 11151914 23-Jun-21 9:10am    
We don't see any errors,the problem is when you want to open some parts of website,it doesn't have any reactions till the 4.5 framework be removed
Richard Deeming 23-Jun-21 9:25am    
Nobody can guess what you mean by "doesn't have any reactions".
Member 11151914 24-Jun-21 10:00am    
the website do nothing when we want to open some parts of it and we don't see any errors from that
Richard Deeming 24-Jun-21 10:08am    
Oh, well, that's clear then. There's a missing comma on line 42 of SecretCode.aspx.cs which causes it to break. 🤦‍♂️

Seriously, how do you think anyone is going to be able to help you fix an error that we cannot see in code which we do not have access to?

Hundreds of thousands of people have successfully run .NET 3.x applications on servers with .NET 4.x installed. It's not a problem with the framework; it's a problem with your code.
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