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I was creating a calculator and I don't understand the code below

Let outputScreen = document.getElementById("input")

Function display(num){
outputScreen.value += num;

Function calculate(){
outputScreen.value = eval(outputScreen.value);

Please explain the javascript code

What I have tried:

I have tried searching on Google for an explanation but am not understanding them
Updated 30-Jul-21 22:06pm
Richard MacCutchan 31-Jul-21 4:51am    
It's called 'learning'. Trying to become a programmer before you have properly studied, and learnt the language, is just a waste of your time.

These are very basic javascript commands. You won't be able to write a calculator if you do not understand the basics.

Let outputScreen = document.getElementById("input") // This gets an element from your page with an id of "input" and stores it in a variable named outputScreen. This is self explanatory.

Function display(num){
outputScreen.value += num;

This is a function that you pass a value into and it adds it to whatever is in the input element.

For eval, see JavaScript eval() Function[^]
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