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I have a situation, One of my API which was in .net WebAPI have converted to .NetCore API. The data flow architecture
is same for both i.e Controller is defined, Request comes through JSON & is binded to Model with all parameters in model
as string.

The issue here is for my old API ( Web API) , one of my parameter MobileNo if I pass it in string or integer it accepts it
& process the flow further.

But in (.Net Core API ) it does not happens this way. If I pass Mobile no. in string it accepts the request.
but if numeric value is passed i get null object in Model.

Have provided below sample request which is accepted
& the one which is passed as null

Accepted request

Null Model Passed for

My model and controller code is below
 public class EmpRequest 
        public string EmployeeCode { get; set; } 
        public string EmployeeName { get; set; }
        public string MobileNo { get; set; }

        public async Task<IActionResult>APIGetEmployee([FromBody] EmpRequest reqModel)

What I have tried:

I have tried to convert the value in controller
Convert.Tostring(reqModel.MobileNo )
but its not work as model itself coming is null in request.
Updated 9-Aug-21 21:38pm

1 solution

This is due to .NET Core using the new System.Text.Json library instead of the Newtonsoft.Json library.

You should be able to register a custom converter to allow it to read a string property from a number, as shown in this SO thread:
c# - System.Text.Json: Deserialize JSON with automatic casting - Stack Overflow[^]

However, passing a telephone "number" as a number is a mistake. Despite the name, it's not a "number" in that sense. For example, you cannot add two telephone numbers together, or subtract them from each other, or multiply them together, etc.
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