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Hi, I am new to WebAPI in My form submits to the server successfully, and then my server's WebAPI has to change my img's src attribute. I can not figure out how to do this. Do I need to use HttpContext.Current? or maybe HtmlHelper? or should I be using <frombody()>? Is there a better way? Below is the skeleton code. I am using Visual Studio 2019 on 4.8 .net framework and

<form action="/api/Values " method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">
          <input type="file" id="btn_FileUpload" name="btn_FileUpload">
          <input type="submit" id="btn_submit" name="btn_submit">
	      <img id="img1" name="img1" src="@Url.Content("/IntroImage.png")" />

Public Class ValuesController
    Inherits ApiController

    Public Sub UploadFile1()
	     Should I use HttpContext.Current ?
    End Sub

    Public Sub UploadFile2(<FromBody()> ByVal value As String)
         Should I useFromBody ?
    End Sub
End Class

What I have tried:


Dim l_obj As Object = HttpContext.Current.Session.Item("img1")
Updated 23-Aug-21 21:34pm

1 solution

Unless your API is returning a complete HTML page - which isn't normal for an API - it cannot change the source of an HTML element in your page.

Assuming you're using an AJAX/fetch request to submit the form to the API, your Javascript can then change the image source when the request completes.

Fetch API - Web APIs | MDN[^]
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DougSchofield 24-Aug-21 10:40am    
Thanks. I'll have to learn AJAX.
DougSchofield 26-Aug-21 19:42pm    
Your advice was correct. I learned and implemented an AJAX solution and it did what I needed. Thank you!

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