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i was generated the hash value for payUmoney UI. i have required data for bolt launch method in payUmoney but the thing is how i call the bolt fuction in react js

i got the only one reference -

but i cant even know how to implement the bolt method launch

What I have tried:

i tried both but unable to use bolt launch method

1) i added the script tag what they given in the reference link

2) after that they mention use bolt library by using window keyword like window.bolt.launch but tried the same way,but it says 
bolt <pre>window.bolt
property does not exists
Updated 27-May-23 4:11am
Richard MacCutchan 24-Feb-22 4:06am    
"but it getting an error"
Do you think anyone here can guess what your code is doing and what error you see?
Anandhakumar M 24-Feb-22 4:47am    
i added the bolt library script what they given in the 2nd step of the link
then in step 4, i did the same way like (window.bolt.launch),but it tells bolt property does not exits on window
Richard MacCutchan 24-Feb-22 5:02am    
Then you need to talk to the person who wrote those instructions.

1 solution

Never, ever, accept code from a insecure website to handle anything to do with real money.
You do not know who is giving you the code, you do not know what it does, you do not know that it places the monies correctly into the appropriate account, without passing the details to any third parties.

Only get such code from payUmoney - the scope for fraud otherwise is far too large. And remember, you personally could be liable for any monies lost if your action is seen to be negligent - which getting your code from a public forum would most certainly be!
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