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I've done this many times in and thought I had it working in Delphi but I'm stuck. I'm using Delphi 10.2.

I'm reading a PDF file into a memory stream and then converting it to a byte array so I can store it in an MS SQL file table.

I can't use TByteArray because most of the PDF's my client will deal with are far too large for the size limit of TByteArray.

What I have tried:

  msDoc: TMemoryStream;
  baDoc: array of byte;


     msDoc := TMemoryStream.Create;
     msDoc.LoadFromFile(fPath + fName + '.pdf');
     SetLength(baDoc, msDoc.Size);
     msDoc.Read(baDoc, Length(baDoc)); // crashes here with no useful information

SetLength seems to work fine. When I check the length of baDoc in a watch it's the same size as msDoc.

In the same batch of code I'm working on I'm also trying to pass baDoc to another form. I've set a public varibable in the other form to "array of byte" but that won't even compile. I get an "incompatible types" error.

In the other form:

    ADocumentByteArray: array of byte;

And in the form that's doing the passing:

ADocumentByteArray := baDoc;

I guess that's 2 questions but they are sort of related. When I use TByteArray I can pass the value just fine between the 2 forms but again it doesn't have the capacity for my needs.

Hope someone can help!


Updated 13-Apr-22 6:15am

1 solution

Well never mind I guess. On a whim I decided to just use TBytes and the whole solution works now.
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