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Actually i asked the question before but i guess i didn't make myself clear.

I am kind of new at Visual Studio. And i downloaded the source codes from there

And i opened Form1.cs and Program.cs, but i was not able to Debug it. When i copy the codes and paste it to a new project, debug option becomes available.

My question is how do i run a program in Visual Studio when i download the source codes from here? What is the problem here?

Thank you
Updated 23-Jan-13 3:42am
joshrduncan2012 23-Jan-13 9:51am    
You can only debug .csproj or .sln files. Single .cs files are not allowed to be debugged unless they are a part of an existing project.
Hslldm 23-Jan-13 9:55am    
How can i run the .cs projects?
joshrduncan2012 23-Jan-13 9:57am    
If you have a .csproj file or a .sln file, if you double click on that, that should allow you to debug/run that project. Otherwise, if you have a loose .cs file, you will have to import it into a new project that you create yourself, depending on what type of project the .cs file represents (windows forms, console, web app, etc).

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There is no problem. You just need to ensure that you create a project with Debug set. If the project is downloaded from the internet that may mean changing some settings before you build it.
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Hslldm 23-Jan-13 9:53am    
What should i do?
Richard MacCutchan 23-Jan-13 10:09am    
Look at the Project Settings for the project. Also use the help system.
Hslldm 23-Jan-13 10:16am    

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