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I have two Rotated images that rotate at a random degree and I want to know when they collide with each other. I tried a simple collision detection for rectangles but it doesn't work when they are rotated. I would really appreciate some help.

What I have tried:

// take two images and check if they overlap
function rectIntersect(x1, y1, w1, h1, x2, y2, w2, h2) {
// Check x and y for overlap
if (x2 > w1 + x1 || x1 > w2 + x2 || y2 > h1 + y1 || y1 > h2 + y2) {
return false;
return true;
Gerry Schmitz 29-May-22 10:50am    
You're comparing "polygons"; not "images". You use a matrix transform to rotate the corners; then you use the corners of of the polygons to see if "one point (corner) of one polygon is inside the other".
0x01AA 29-May-22 11:41am    
I don't think checking the corners is enough ;)
Gerry Schmitz 29-May-22 13:21pm    
How do you intersect two rectangles without at least one corner? Think about it.
0x01AA 29-May-22 13:32pm    
Yes think about it. Take two squares, rotate one for 45°....

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