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is it possible to convert a Laravel website into a flutter app ?
can anyone help me ?

What I have tried:

i tried searching about some tutorials that can help because iam a student and i have to finish the project in ebout 2 months .
Updated 11-Jul-22 3:41am

1 solution

It is impossible to answer such a question without a detailed knowledge of Laravel, Flutter, and your web application. So you need to do some research for yourself into both products.

Also, this forum is for specific technical questions, so any answer could only be provided in the most general terms, e.g. Maybe.
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beginner developper 11-Jul-22 9:05am    
thanks for answering , well , i submitted this question because i need someone who can help me with a tutorial or a guide or just to tell me what is the first step i can do
i just read some articles and i found some methods :
there is canvas
there is a method where i can use laravel api as a backend and redesign my frontend with flutter
so ... i just want to know which one is better for a student's project .
Richard MacCutchan 11-Jul-22 9:53am    
Again, there is no answer to your question. How do you define "better" when looking at frameworks and languages? Some students can skip through a tutorial and learn the basics very quickly, where others will need to read and reread before they are comfortable with it.

So, go to the Laravel and/or Flutter website(s) and work through their learning materials.
beginner developper 11-Jul-22 11:23am    
okey done , thanks alot for your answer .

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