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I am a newbie to Sql and database concepts. so I am trying to make a program which does the basic tasks done by replacing the idea of entering commands by using functions in MySQL( like creating a table in database, adding records, modifying table etc). I now want to take input from user which include column name, its datatype, its size so that user can decide the basic structure of a new column.

So , I came across something called string formatting which I used a bit to enter variables into the Sql commands. so I tried using this concept in this case. But it gives syntax error. Can somebody suggest me a solution to this and tell me my mistake.

I apologize for my bad grammar


here is the code

What I have tried:

##importing mysql connector
import mysql.connector

## Creating connection object
mydb = mysql.connector.connect(
    host = "localhost",
    user = "root",
    password = "milkshake#343",
    database = 'practice'
## defining a cursor object

cursor_obj = mydb.cursor()

##creating a table (uncommnent to edit and execute)
def table_create():
    cursor_obj.execute("CREATE TABLE test3(name VARCHAR(50),ageINT unsigned,person_id int PRIMARY KEY AUTO_INCREMENT)")


## Describing the table (uncommnent to edit and execute)
def table_desc():
    cursor_obj.execute("describe test3")
    for x in cursor_obj:

##creating a function to enter values into the table 
def inputer():
    #taking records from user to enter in the table
    name = input("please enter the name to enter into the table:")
    age = int(input("please enter the age to enter into the table:"))

    #Entering values into the table

    cursor_obj.execute('insert into test3 values(%s,%s)',(name,age))#you may change table name here if you want

##creating a comitt option
def commit():

##function to display the whole content of the table
def whole_table():
    cursor_obj.execute("select * from test3")
    for x in cursor_obj:
##adding column into the table
def column_add():
    new_column = input("Enter the name of the new column:")
    data_type = input("Enter the data type of new column:")
    size = int(input("Enter the size of the new column:"))
    cursor_obj.execute("alter table test3 add column %s %s(%s)",(new_column,data_type,size))

<pre lang="Python">
Updated 8-Aug-22 2:54am

1 solution

Look at your CREATE statement:
CREATE TABLE test3(name VARCHAR(50),ageINT unsigned ...

There is a space missing between age and INT.

Further down you have:
cursor_obj.execute("alter table test3 add column %s %s(%s)",(new_column,data_type,size))

Which should have .format instead of the comma at the end of the format string. See 7. Input and Output — Python 3.10.6 documentation[^].
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no name Aug2022 8-Aug-22 9:51am    
thanks for the answer

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