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Class Structure:
public List<customer> CustomerDetails { get; set; }
public class customer
public string Key { get; set; }
public int? FirstAmount{ get; set; }
public int? SecondAmount{ get; set; }
public int? Total{ get; set; }
Response Data:
"Details": {
"Status": "0",
"customer": [
"FirstAmount": "796.61",
"SecondAmount": "392.43",
"total": "2",
"key": "Platinum"
"FirstAmount": "0.00",
"SecondAmount": "0.00",
"total": "0",
"key": "Gold"

Required: *How to select the customer data with Key value "Gold" from the response data. Example need SecondAmount of Customer with Key value "Gold"

What I have tried:

customer.Gold.SecondAmount = CustomerDetails.customer.Select(x => x.SecondAmount).Where(x => x.key.ToString() == ">Gold");
Updated 18-Aug-22 21:27pm

1 solution

Remove the ">" character to start with:
customer.Gold.SecondAmount = CustomerDetails ... == ">Gold");
Then change "key" to "Key" to match your class definition - C# is case sensitive, so they are not the same field name!.
You can also remove the ToString call since the Key field is already a string.

Then think about what the Where call will return.
Is it a single item? Or a collection of items?

And since the customer class doesn't have any static members, you would need an instance of the class to assign to, and a Gold field or property to work with!
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